Change of Plans: All About Wedding Postponement Announcements

It breaks my heart to see so many of my clients postponing their weddings. The biggest piece of advice I’ve always given to engaged couples is to just roll with the punches of wedding planning but COVID-19 has taken that to a whole new level. I wish I could give all of my clients a big hug right now but I know that’s not an option so please take this as my big virtual hug to you.

When my husband and I got married, we were told to be prepared for a 30% chance of snow, 40% chance of rain and 30% chance it could be sunshine and rainbows outside. I worried so much that it was going to rain and our dream of an outdoor wedding in the woods was going to be ruined. He turned to me and reminded me that this was a metaphor for life. We always hope for the sunshine and rainbows but that’s out of our control. Marriage is about rolling with the punches as a team and making the most out of the situations that are dealt to us.

COVID-19 takes this to another level as we are all witnessing history but I truly believe that we will all come out of this stronger than we were before.

So, what are you doing with your wedding plans?

The type of announcement you send to your guests depends on where you’re at in the wedding planning process and if/how you’re planning to celebrate in the future.

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Below are the most common situations:

1. You’ve already sent out your save the dates but not wedding invitations and have postponed your wedding until late summer or fall of 2020:

If you’re in this boat, I would recommend simply moving forward with sending your traditional wedding invitations with your new date. I would then recommend using your details card to add a note drawing your attention to the new date (just in case your guest doesn’t notice). A simple line like “Please note our new wedding date” will suffice and you can still use the details card to note any other information (website, accommodations, etc.)

Since you are changing the date, I would recommend sending these out sooner rather than later so people have time to make arrangements.

2. You’ve already sent out your wedding invitations and have postponed your wedding until late summer or fall of 2020:

If you’re in this boat, I would recommend a “Change the Date” style announcement. This is a simple announcement saying that the date has moved and provides the new date and time. If you need a corresponding RSVP card or details card, these can be added in as well.

3. You’ve already sent out your save the dates but have postponed your wedding until 2021:

If you’re in this boat, I would recommend sending out a new save the date announcement. Since your wedding is now several months away, you have time to solidify the details and you don’t want to send out your invitation suite too early.

4. You’ve decided to cancel the big celebration (for now!) and have an intimate ceremony instead:

Your wedding date is one of the most significant dates in your life and whether you’ve picked this date for a reason (i.e. it’s your dating anniversary) or it just has a special place in your heart, I completely support those who choose to have an intimate wedding with their immediate family and save the big celebration for once COVID-19 has passed.

A few other notes:

Make it yours

One thing to note with any of the above options is to show your personality with your announcement. People want to know how you’re genuinely doing right now. If you’re happy and relieved by the decision you’ve made, provide some reassurance in your announcement and say how excited you are to still be getting married!

Wedding Websites

A wedding website can be extremely helpful during this time so if you don’t have one yet, I’d recommend considering setting one up so you can easily update your guests on the finer details of your wedding celebration.

Printing 1 invitation

I’ve received several requests to print just 1 invitation so you can enjoy a traditional invitation suite for pictures and keepsake. I’m more than happy to accommodate this request for my clients but please keep in mind that there are setup costs associated with each order so the price would be the same as my minimum order quantity of 20 sets. Trust me, I wish I could just give away free invitations for keepsake but I simply have costs to cover as a business.

Above all, just know that I’m here every day for you and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!