Custom Postage is Going Away on June 9, 2020

This is a sad day here at Tradition & Tribe. OK that may be a little dramatic but I’m pretty bummed about this news:

USPS is no longer allowing production of custom postage starting on June 9, 2020.

First things first, if you have custom postage made already, your stamps are still valid after this date. When I create custom postage stamps, I print a barcode on the stamp that validates it and actually pays the postage cost. These barcodes will no longer be available to print on June 9, 2020 so if you already have the stamps, then you’re good to go!

Unfortunately, this announcement was buried so deep that it’s taken some time to learn if it’s even true and where the line is being drawn. I discovered the announcement while reading the quarterly stock update on It was no big announcement, it was just explaining why this specific line on their P&L was going to be lower. Honestly, I was a bit bummed that there wasn’t more of an explanation so I’m left theorizing about it for now.

I’ll be honest, it’s a bit frustrating as a business owner to be blindsided by this as I feel I have to now put pressure on my clients, most of whom are dealing with the logistics of postponing their wedding, to act now or miss this opportunity. Please let me be the first to apologize for this but also, please purchase now because these make such a great first impression with your stationery!

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There may still be hope but I’m not holding my breath.

Looking on USPS’ website, it looks like they have an exclusive partnership with PhotoStamps (owned by and there’s no announcement saying there is a suspension coming up.

If it is in fact the case that PhotoStamps will still be able to accept orders, I may be able to offer a digital file version of the postage design so you can upload directly to the PhotoStamps website. I can’t make any promises at this time but please stay tuned. If it’s the case that this is an option, then I promise I’ll be on it right away!

For now though, Tradition & Tribe will no longer be available to print and ship physical postage stamps so please don’t miss out on this opportunity. Don’t forget, the deadline is June 9, 2020.

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