The Best USPS Stamps for Wedding Invitations

A few weeks ago, I announced that I would have to discontinue selling custom postage. USPS made updates to their policies, which discontinued 3rd parties to sell custom designs. There was no big announcement so it was unclear where the line was drawn so I left my previous post with a “stayed tuned” finale but I’m here today to wrap it all up because unfortunately, it’s not coming back.

This post is all about the best designs currently available from USPS that I would recommend for mailing out your stationery. USPS tends to change their postage options once per year (give or take) so these may not always be available but these are my current favorites:

American Garden Forever Stamp

You can’t go wrong with a garden floral design for wedding stationery. I love these postage kits with a variety of designs. You can mix it up so each envelope has a different stamp but there’s also the type A part of me that would purchase enough postage to use only 2 or 3 of the same stamps so they all match my theme. That would leave me with a lot of extra stamps but I could always use them for bridal showers, thank you cards or non-wedding related mail.

Corsage 2 oz. Stamp & Boutonniere 1 oz. Stamp

These 1 oz. and 2 oz. stamps are designed specifically for weddings, showers and birthdays.

Pear 10 Cent Stamp & Grape 5 Cent Stamp

These are great for if you don’t want to purchase a 2 oz. stamp but need additional postage. Sometimes if you run out of 2 oz. stamps or simply don’t like any of the designs or don’t want to get stuck with any leftovers, you can purchase 1 oz. stamps and add these 10 and 5 cent stamps to make up the postage difference.

Chrysanthemum International Stamp

Typically, mailing an international letter costs about $1.20* so instead of adding multiple stamps, this is a stamp specifically designed for international postage rates. Depending on your weight and size of your envelope, you may need additional stamps but this at least cuts down excessive stamps on your envelopes.

*Please use the postage calculator to calculate accurate postage costs at the time of purchasing.

I find it easiest to purchase through their website in order to get the stamp design that I prefer. Oftentimes when I go to my local post office to purchase, they only have a limited selection of designs to choose from.